For over 30 years Polyroof have been working with commercial clients across every market sector, from global market leaders to small private companies. With our versatile range of liquid roofing systems and expert technical support services, we can tailor a solution to meet the exact requirement of your project. All Polyroof installations are carried out by our network of approved contractors and are supported by our trusted Accredited System Guarantee.

Protec System

Protec is our most popular and versatile roofing system. With a proven life expectancy of over 25 years and ideal for all flat roof types, size and designs, Protec is able to offer unrivaled performance. Protec can be applied to a variety of substrates and is suitable for a wide range of refurbishment and new build applications:

*Adhesion tests may be required for some substrates. Contact Polyroof Technical Services for advice.


  • Applications: Ideal for the new build or refurbishments. Suitable for flat roofs, balconies, pitched roofs or vertical applications. Can be used as part of a warm, cold, inverted/buried membrane or green roof design.
  • Key Properties: A unique flexible hybrid polymer waterproofing system with the optimum combination of flexibility and robustness. Rapid, solvent-free applications with a walk-on time of 30-60 mins.
  • Guarantee: Carries Polyroof’s trusted, insurance-backed Accredited System Guarantee covering labour and materials as standard.
  • Accreditations: BBA & FM approved, CE Marked and has achieved an ETA Certification with a proven lifespan of at least 25 years.

185 System

Polyroof’s 185 system is the UK’s leading GRP (fibreglass) roofing system and has become synonymous with premium performance. Polyroof 185 was the first ever GRP system to receive BBA certification and has been installed on roofs and balconies continuously since 1984. Always applied to a timber deck, the system is ideal for new build applications:


  • Applications: Ideal for the new build timber applications and can also be used on strip-and-replace refurbishments. Suitable for flat roofs, balconies, pitched roofs or vertical applications. Can be used as part of a warm, cold or green roof design.
  • Key Properties: An extra tough, durable and highly impact-resistant roofing system that provides proven long-term protection from the elements.
  • Guarantee: Carries Polyroof’s trusted, insurance-backed Accredited System Guarantee covering labour and materials as standard.
  • Accreditations: BBA approved with a proven lifespan of up to 30 years.

Elastex System

Elastex is a single-pack polyurethane overlay system that is ideal for extending the life of existing metal gutters, industrial sheeted roofs and metal or single-ply flat roofs:


  • Applications: Ideal for the refurbishment of metal roofs and gutters, industrial sheeted roofs and some single ply flat roof membranes.
  • Key Properties: Highly flexible and able to accommodate all normal structural expansion movements. Capable of outstanding adhesion to virtually all metals and many other common roofing substrates.
  • Guarantee: Carries Polyroof’s trusted Accredited System Guarantee covering labour and materials as standard.
  • Accreditations: BBA approved with a proven lifespan of up to 25 years.

Roofcoat Plus System

Roofcoat Plus is a cost-effective acrylic/polyurethane hybrid overlay system designed specifically for coating low-pitched sheeted roofs:


  • Applications: Provides a cost-effective 10 year overlay solution for industrial sheeted roofs saving time, money and disruption compared to strip and replace works.
  • Key Properties: Creates a seamless and flexible waterproof membrane with an expected life expectancy of over 10 years.
  • Guarantee: Carries the trusted Polyroof Manufacturer’s Guarantee covering labour and materials as standard.

Roof Surveys

Polyroof can arrange for a survey of the roof to ensure that the most appropriate solution is put forward for your project. By carrying out a comprehensive assessment of the roof we can ensure potential issues and challenges are dealt with to the highest of standards.

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Bespoke Specifications

We offer a free bespoke specification service for all of our clients. We will review any drawings or photos and offer detailed guidance regarding specifications including recommendations to help compliance with all current regulations.

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Thermal Calcs & Cut-to-Falls Insulation Schemes

Whether looking to simply improve the insulation levels of the roof or add new cut-to-falls insulation to help remove unsightly ponding water, our Technical Team is able to produce detailed guidance to ensure your requirements are met.

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Contract Monitoring and Aftercare

At Polyroof we value our reputation for quality. We will ensure that the roofing works are carried out to our rigorous standards and will be on-site to monitor progress when required. All Polyroof installations are also supported by an aftercare package which helps ensure that the optimum performance of the roof is maintained throughout its lifespan.
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Polyroof roofing systems are exclusively installed by our national network of highly trained and fully monitored approved contractors. To request details of a Polyroof approved contractor for your project please complete the form to the right or alternatively call our Technical Services Team on 0800 801 890.

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Let Polyroof Take Responsibility for Your Roof

Polyroof’s reputation has been built on the high level of technical support provided to clients before, during and after every contract. We like to work closely with our clients from the very beginning of a flat roofing project right through to completion and throughout the lifespan of the roof. From our experience, this is the best way to guarantee that all aspects of the roof are finished to the superior standards that our clients expect.

Importantly, we understand that our clients are often tasked with many responsibilities during a construction or refurbishment project. Flat roofs mean a great deal to us, but we know our clients have plenty of other aspects of a project to focus on.

This is why we strive to take on board as many of the challenges and issues associated with the flat roof that we can, freeing up our clients’ time so they can focus their efforts where they are needed most.

If you would like assistance with your project please complete the quick form below, call our Technical Team on 0800 801 890 or email

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J31 Liquid Applied Waterproof Coatings

Polyroof outline specifications are available in NBS Plus format. We have a selection of typical specification available for download below or they can be produced using the NBS tool to the right.
Protec System

Elastex System

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This product information has been created by NBS from the library of product clauses in NBS specification products. NBS product guidance is not a replacement for manufacturer’s literature and it’s recommended that Polyroof Technical Services department are consulted before specifying.

Common issues associated with flat roofs such as persistent leaks, lap joint failures, long installation times and risks from hot works are simply not an issue when using quality liquid systems. Now the fastest growing sector in the flat roofing market, liquids are increasingly being specified in place of traditional roll-applied systems like felt and single-ply.

As a market leader in the manufacturing of liquid roofing systems, Polyroof’s free RIBA certified CPD Seminars are the ideal solution to stay in touch with the latest technology and advances in the field whilst improving your knowledge and confidence as a specifier.

Polyroof offer a choice of two CPD seminars so you can select the option that is most relevant to you:

  • Seminar 1 – Flat Roofs: A Guide to Liquid Roofing Systems – Tailored for specifiers looking for an introduction to the liquid roofing market or those operating within the new build / development sectors.
  • Seminar 2 – Roofing Risk Management: A Considered Approach to Solving Flat Roof Issues – Highly relevant for any specifier or stakeholder involved in the refurbishment or management of flat roofs.

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Find out more including key learning outcomes and testimonial on our dedicated CPD page.

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Large Shopping Centre, Newcastle

The Protec system has waterproofed vast areas of the roof of one of the largest shopping centres in the UK, which were in need of refurbishment as they had been persistently leaking for some time. A quick and effective waterproofing solution was needed that would allow the day-to-day running of the shopping centre to continue without any disruption for the customers, which could prove extremely costly… [Read More]


Explorer Court, Plymouth

The project included the waterproofing of over 400 square metres on the main barrel roof and lower penthouse balconies for a highly successful and NRFC award winning development by Barratt Homes. The main roof was designed with a wave effect, with an internal radius of 5672mm. For the balcony areas, the designer specified decorative timber decking over the waterproof membrane, which meant that the membrane had to be durable enough to bear the weight from the decking… [Read More]


The Award Winning BREEAM ‘Excellent Rated’ Gateway Project

This project entailed a major expansion of Durham University and houses a variety of departments. The project was carried out to a BREEAM ‘Excellent’ Standard and as such only used components that had minimal environmental impact. Part of the works involved the construction of three curved roof areas that required a high-performance and durable waterproofing system which was to be covered by a timber shingle system. The shingles were supported by over 1,170 steel stanchions – all of which were seamlessly waterproofed with the Protec system… [Read More]


Sustainable Apartment Block Development

The client had stringent criteria for the roof of this prestigious apartment block in Richmond, Surrey: it had to be a warm roof with a U-Value of 0.18 W/m2K and the waterproofing membrane needed to be BBA approved, guaranteed for 20 years, be able to fully encapsulate the PV cell stanchions and be able to simulate the look of zinc sheets… [Read More]


Fleming Park Leisure Centre, Eastleigh

Following the installation of the Protec system, supported by a 20 year insurance-backed guarantee, 288 PV solar panels were installed. These are set to generate 62,000 kWh per year, which equates to around £23,000 – £25,000 of annual savings for Eastleigh Borough Council. What’s more, the expected payback of the panels is a mere 8 – 9 years… [Read More]

Monkwearmouth & Ryhope Hospital Developments

These new hospitals were constructed as part of the £60million Pride developments were built under the Trust’s NHS Procure21 Partnership, with several thousand square metres of roof areas requiring a long-lasting waterproofing system with high-performance insulation. Laing O’Rourke, the main contractors of this project, specified the Protec system for the flat roof areas. The ability of Protec to be installed quickly and efficiently minimised the time required for roof installations, meaning other trades could continue working as soon as possible… [Read More]

White Horse Pub, Jersey

The rear of this seaside pub was completely re-designed to create an alfresco dining space overlooking for English Channel. The adjacent area of the pub had a large flat roof space that required a high-performance waterproofing system in addition to a warm roof design that would help reduce the pub’s fuel bills and carbon footprint…. [Read More]