Founded in 1984, Polyroof is a long established and trusted name in the manufacturing of quality liquid applied flat roofing systems. From our high quality trim components to our BBA approved resins manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 quality standards, our waterproofing systems are the number one choice when it comes to quality. Carrying our trusted insurance-backed guarantees and with certified BBA durability ratings of up to 30 years, Polyroof delivers real long term peace of mind and true value for money – never a cheap, quick fix solution.

Proven Guarantees

You might have seen other companies offering guarantees for 30, 40 or even 50 years. But how long have they been offering these guarantees, and what does their guarantee not cover? Polyroof have been issuing comprehensive, straight-forward and fully transparent labour and material guarantees since 1984, which are supported by independent insurance.

Independent Accreditations

We think our products are the best on the market, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Polyroof systems have been extensively tested and are fully accredited by leading third parties such as the BBA and FM. With proven durability ratings of up to 30 years and the highest rated fire performance, Polyroof systems have the credentials to give you total peace of mind.

Polyroof Approved Installers

Polyroof systems are only supplied to reputable contractors who have been trained and approved to use the systems. Our training and quality control checks are monitored by the British Board of Agrément under our BS EN ISO 9001:2015 quality scheme. All contractors are independent and have the local experience and knowledge to advise you about your roof.

Genuine Value for Money

Polyroof ’s exclusive, seamless and durable roofing systems totally eliminate all the shortcomings and short lifespan of traditional felt and bitumen materials. Unlike cheap GRP alternatives, Polyroof systems have been developed specifically for optimum roof performance, so they are flexible, highly UV resistant and achieve top fire performance ratings. Polyroof delivers real long term peace of mind and true value for money – never a cheap, quick fix solution.

Compliance with Regulations

Did you know that in order to comply with Building Regulations, a fibreglass or GRP roofing system must have BBA or ETA certification? Do you also know about the compulsory thermal insulation upgrades under Part L (England & Wales) regulations? Both your Polyroof approved installer and our Technical Team are on hand to ensure your roof will comply with all relevant legislation – and avoid any headaches in the future if or when you sell your home.

Committed to Our Customers

We operate to ISO 9001 Quality Standards, meaning our customer’s requirements are fully met at all levels. Our technical and customer support services will remain on hand right from the conception of your roof project. The ISO 9001 system also includes the training and monitoring of approved contractors, and is externally monitored every six months by third party companies to ensure compliance.

Polyroof Approved Contractor Details Request Form

Polyroof roofing systems are exclusively installed by our national network of highly trained and fully monitored approved contractors, who combine local knowledge with roofing expertise to deliver a superior service. To request details of your local Polyroof approved contractor and arrange for a no obligation survey and quotation, please complete the form below or alternative call us now on 0800 58 77 775.

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The Polyroof Home Owner’s Brochure

Find out more about Polyroof roofing systems including insulation, colours and finishes, trims and much more.

Straightforward, Comprehensive Cover Since 1984

We have been supporting Polyroof installations with our proven guarantees for over 30 years. Unlike many alternatives on the market, we won’t surprise you with additional costs for bolt-on extras to your guarantee. We take pride in the simplicity and level of cover that our guarantees provide as standard.

For more information visit our Polyroof Guarantees page or download the following:

Download our Guarantee BrochureView a Sample Polyroof Guarantee

Let Polyroof Take Responsibility for Your Roof

We know how important it is that every aspect of a self-build project is completed to the highest standards – and within budget. Our experienced Technical Team are on hand to offer a full support service to self-builders including:

  • Advice on compliance with regulations, such as required insulation levels
  • Appraisal of drawings / plans
  • Thermal calculations and condensation risk analysis
  • Bespoke specifications where appropriate
  • Design guidance

If you would like assistance with your project please complete the quick form below, call our Technical Team on 0800 801 890 or email

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New Build Residential Property, Doncaster

For the owners of this domestic new build project, a high quality flat roof which could incorporate thermal insulation and long-lasting, fully guaranteed waterproofing system was required. They client also wanted a glazed rooflight solution and had a second lower roof areas that was to be used as a recreational space….[Read More]

New Build Property in Sheffield

For the owners of this domestic new build project, a high quality flat roof which could incorporate thermal insulation and long-lasting, fully guaranteed waterproofing system was a must. After deciding to combine insulation with design falls in one efficient solution….[Read More]

Residential Zinc Effect Roof, Harrogate

he client wanted the new roof sections above their large extension to complement the slate work and aesthetics of the original building whilst adding a contemporary and stylish look to the extension. Originally considering a zinc sheeted roofing system, the client explored alternative materials that could achieve the same visual impact but at lower cost… [Read More]

Grand Designs: Sustainable Bungalow

The architect for this build was the late Richard Paxton. Paxton was renowned for designing futuristic looking houses and apartments for a list of well known clients such as comedian, Alan Davies. In 2008 Bill and Jean Letley commissioned the acclaimed architect to design a modern styled bungalow which would be shown on the TV show, Grand Designs. For this project, he came up with a design that incorporated some of his signature and most well known features, such as the curved roof… [Read More]

Conservatory Roof Conversion, Flintshire

This PVC and glazing conservatory had long been suffering from leaks that had proven impossible to fix with local repairs. After a like-for-like glazing replacement was found to be too expensive, the client turned to Polyroof for a solution. A new warm roof was fitted with a lead roll effect finish that not only solved the leaks but helped maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the summer and winter months… [Read More]

Flush-Fitted Skylight for Orangery Roof

The Polyroof 185 system was specified as it provided the client with a seamless and durable waterproofing solution that would look stylish and modern, and could be incorporated with the rest of the building’s design. A key feature to the design of the roof was a large glass skylight that the architect designed to be level with the surrounding roof, creating a visually striking and modern look to the roof. However this presented a challenge as an upstand to the rooflight was still required to ensure a fully weatherproof detail could be formed…
[Read More]

Grand Designs: Green Roof Project, Windermere

The Protec system was used to waterproof the domed green roof areas of this sustainable house development on Channel 4’s Grand Designs show. With an ambitious vision and a tight budget, Robert and Milla Gaukroger set about transforming an unattractive 1980’s house overlooking Lake Windermere into a state-of-the-art sustainable home. In order to blend into the hillside setting, the domed roofs of the house were to be covered with a wildflower meadow mix to provide a green roof construction… [Read More]


Domestic Balcony Projects

The Polyroof 185 system has been specified on numerous balcony and walkway areas across the country. Carrying an insurance-backed guarantee for 20 years, the system provides a BBA approved anti-slip finish that is extremely tough and long lasting. As is often the case, the cost effectiveness and the aesthetics of the balcony are of upmost important to the client. This modern balcony design was incorporate a coloured finish as chosen by the client and an attractive glass balustrade around the perimeters…
[Read More]



Polyroof Advanced Liquid Roofing Systems

This video, filmed in conjunction with the Liquid Roofing & Waterproofing Association, demonstrates how a Polyroof system can be installed – in this instance to a new plywood deck – and covers some of the system’s many benefits.

Polyroof roofing systems provide high performance and long-lasting waterproofing offer our clients genuine value. What you get with the Polyroof systems is complete peace of mind. Once it’s installed you never need worry about the roof deteriorating or leaking again. Polyroof Products Limited was incorporated in 1984 and has traded continuously thereafter. Investment over a sustained period has created an exceptionally strong asset base and an impeccable reputation and track record. This gives us the confidence to provide genuine guarantees that are as watertight as our roofing systems – something many of our competitors cannot do.

Your Polyroof will be guaranteed for up to 20 years but its service life will extend beyond that. In fact the Polyroof 185 system has been independently assessed by the BBA and is durability-rated for 30 years and the Protec system for over 25years.
Unfortunately not – unless you would like to apply to become an approved Polyroof contractor. Polyroof systems are only installed by approved, fully trained and accredited Polyroof contractors. This allows us to offer the third party accreditations and market-leading guarantees that make Polyroof different from cheaper, over-the-counter systems.
There’s a contact form on one of the tabs to the left that you can fill in to be provided details of your local Polyroof approved installer. Alternatively you can call us on 0800 58 77 77 5 for more details or email We have a wide network of contractors and there’ll be one covering your area.
Don’t worry, our contractors are not salesmen, they’re tradesmen – so no pushy sales tactics. They’ll simply measure your roof and work out a price. They’ll also show you examples of different colours and finishes so you can choose what best matches the style and character of your home.
Yes. Polyroof systems provide a tough, durable surface that takes normal foot traffic. It makes an attractive, easily cleaned and 100% waterproof finish for balconies, terraces or walkways, and can be given an anti-slip finish.
Polyroof systems were principally developed for flat roofs, but they are often used on pitched roofs. For example porch roofs or the roofs of sheds, summerhouses and outhouses are often given the Polyroof treatment.
Water ‘ponding’ is avoided by building in a slight fall (slope) into your new roof to run off water into the gutters. Your old roof is most likely covered in stone chippings, moss and lichen – which all encourage ponding anyway. There are no stones with Polyroof and it doesn’t attract moss or lichen. Even with your new Polyroof you may see some ponding but don’t worry, Polyroof is totally impervious to water.
If the roof is over a habitable room, for example an extension, then it needs to conform with current Building Regulations in terms of insulation ‘U Values’ and condensation control. Our contractor will advise you on what’s required when he surveys your roof. All of our systems can incorporate new insulation to provide you with a highly cost-effective thermal upgrade.

All Polyroof systems are approved by the British Board of Agrément. BBA Certificates have been providing authoritative and independent information on the performance of building products for over 35 years. Every BBA Certificate contains important data on durability, installation and compliance with Building Regulations throughout the UK. Polyroof systems uses fibreglass reinforced resins that have been specially developed for flat roofing. Don’t be taken in by companies offering cheap fibreglass roofing systems as they won’t be BBA approved and they’ll probably be using ordinary rigid fibreglass resins – which are not designed for use on buildings.

We’d recommend replacing existing guttering and fascia boards with uPVC. We stock high quality, maintenance-free uPVC roofline products that will complement your new Polyroof. Your Polyroof contractor can fit these at the same time as the Polyroof. Ask your contractor for details.
Polyroof Products Ltd is the market leader in fibreglass flat roofing. We have been established since the early 1980’s and have a prestigious track record in both the domestic and commercial markets. We developed the Polyroof 185 system in cooperation with Europe’s largest polyester resin producer. In the commercial sector we supply blue chip companies, house builders and developers, as well as over 100 Local Authorities and Housing Associations. Just like you, they are all looking for a permanent solution to flat roof problems.
If you have any questions just call our free Technical Helpline on 0800 5877775 for further advice. You can also email our Technical Team at or fill in a quick form on our Contact Us page.