We develop our liquid roofing systems with flat roofing contractors in mind. Polyroof systems don’t just look good on paper – they excel from the very start of their application. We believe in the performance of both our products and our contractors. That’s why Polyroof’s guarantees cover materials and labour for 20 years as standard. If you’re an experienced roofing contractor and interested in becoming a Polyroof-approved contractor please fill out the form below. We will contact you to discuss matters further and invite you to a Polyroof Training Course, followed by on-site training, to ensure you learn the skills to install our systems to the high standards we expect.

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We’re always looking for roofing contractors who pride themselves on their workmanship and delivering a quality service to their clients. When becoming a Polyroof approved contractor you wil receive:

  • Access to the highest quality and most versatile range of liquid systems on the market.
  • Full technical support – over the phone or on site – whenever and wherever you need it.
  • Reliable and experienced logistics and deliveries from an independent UK manufacturer.

To start the process of becoming a Polyroof approved, simply fill out the form to the right or call our main office on 01352 735 135.

Ask us about our BCP Training

Working with the LRWA, Polyroof has developed a BCP Course designed to fast track applicators towards a Red Experienced worker CSCS card. Simply apply to become an approved contractor and we will begin the process.

Polyroof BCP Training
Please complete the form below to apply for a Polyroof Training Course

Protec System

Protec is our most popular and versatile roofing system. With a proven life expectancy of over 25 years and ideal for all flat roof types, size and designs, Protec is able to offer unrivaled performance. Protec can be applied to a variety of substrates and is suitable for a wide range of refurbishment and new build applications:

*Adhesion tests may be required for some substrates. Contact Polyroof Technical Services for advice.


  • Applications: Ideal for the new build or refurbishments. Suitable for flat roofs, balconies, pitched roofs or vertical applications. Can be used as part of a warm, cold, inverted/buried membrane or green roof design.
  • Key Properties: A unique flexible hybrid polymer waterproofing system with the optimum combination of flexibility and robustness. Rapid, solvent-free applications with a walk-on time of 30-60 mins.
  • Guarantee: Carries Polyroof’s trusted, insurance-backed Accredited System Guarantee covering labour and materials as standard.
  • Accreditations: BBA & FM approved, CE Marked and has achieved an ETA Certification with a proven lifespan of at least 25 years.

185 System

Polyroof’s 185 system is the UK’s leading GRP (fibreglass) roofing system and has become synonymous with premium performance. Polyroof 185 was the first ever GRP system to receive BBA certification and has been installed on roofs and balconies continuously since 1984. Always applied to a timber deck, the system is ideal for new build applications:


  • Applications: Ideal for the new build timber applications and can also be used on strip-and-replace refurbishments. Suitable for flat roofs, balconies, pitched roofs or vertical applications. Can be used as part of a warm, cold or green roof design.
  • Key Properties: An extra tough, durable and highly impact-resistant roofing system that provides proven long-term protection from the elements.
  • Guarantee: Carries Polyroof’s trusted, insurance-backed Accredited System Guarantee covering labour and materials as standard.
  • Accreditations: BBA approved with a proven lifespan of up to 30 years.

Elastex System

Elastex is a single-pack polyurethane overlay system that is ideal for extending the life of existing metal gutters, industrial sheeted roofs and metal or single-ply flat roofs:


  • Applications: Ideal for the refurbishment of metal roofs and gutters, industrial sheeted roofs and some single ply flat roof membranes.
  • Key Properties: Highly flexible and able to accommodate all normal structural expansion movements. Capable of outstanding adhesion to virtually all metals and many other common roofing substrates.
  • Guarantee: Carries Polyroof’s trusted Accredited System Guarantee covering labour and materials as standard.
  • Accreditations: BBA approved with a proven lifespan of up to 25 years.

Roofcoat Plus System

Roofcoat Plus is a cost-effective acrylic/polyurethane hybrid overlay system designed specifically for coating low-pitched sheeted roofs:


  • Applications: Provides a cost-effective 10 year overlay solution for industrial sheeted roofs saving time, money and disruption compared to strip and replace works.
  • Key Properties: Creates a seamless and flexible waterproof membrane with an expected life expectancy of over 10 years.
  • Guarantee: Carries the trusted Polyroof Manufacturer’s Guarantee covering labour and materials as standard.

What Support does Polyroof Provide?


A comprehensive training programme is provided; first at our built for purpose training centre in Flint, North Wales, then on-site. Successful completion of training is rewarded with a certificate of accreditation as a Polyroof approved contractor, along with ID badges and access to our full support services.

Technical Back-Up

Polyroof has a reputation in the industry for its high level of technical support and professionalism. We have a team of highly-experienced, on-site support staff who will work as closely with you as necessary. Our in-house technical team is on-hand to offer advice and to help you with any questions that may arise. The team also prepares specifications designed to assist you with completing the job to the highest standards; but also for you to present to your clients, helping you extol the benefits of using Polyroof.

Marketing support

We market Polyroof through an on-going campaign of advertising, PR and exhibitions, targeting the decision makers in the commercial specifier sector. As well as comprehensive technical literature and support materials, we also have sales literature, promotional DVDs and other tools for the domestic market. If you ever need advice with marketing your own business, or assistance with websites, adverts or any other campaign, our marketing team are always happy to help.

Becoming a Polyroof Approved Contractor

Although the market has traditionally been dominated by bitumen, felt and single-ply coverings, cold liquid-applied membranes are the fastest growing sector of the market and are growing year on year. Hot works are attracting hefty insurance premiums and are prohibited from many sites, so more and more roofing contractors are now switching to cold applied systems.

Polyroof is unique in being a true one-stop-shop systems solutions provider in the flat roofing market; we offer a range of cold liquid applied solutions to match the technical performance needs and budgets of each project. We have developed a range of products for the refurbishment and rejuvenation of flat roofs, where the membrane system is laid onto an existing substrate with minimal surface preparation. We also offer re-roofing systems where the glassfibre reinforced polymer membrane is laid onto a new plywood deck.

Polyroof Products Ltd was established in 1984 so we have a long track record of successful applications and a reputation for quality and professionalism. Over the years our contractors have laid several million square metres in domestic and commercial applications throughout the country. Polyroof systems are now specified by most of the country’s local authorities as well as by housing associations, house builders & developers, airport authorities and many large manufacturing companies.

We’ve also brought peace of mind to thousands of homeowners by providing a permanent cure to their leaking flat roofs. Our seamless roofing membranes are thoroughly tested and have all the relevant approvals such as British Board of Agrément (BBA) and fire tested to British Standard BS476 Part 3.

Remember this is NOT a franchise. Once you’ve been accepted as a Polyroof approved contractor there are no royalties or commissions to pay. All we ask is that you uphold the professional standards on which the Polyroof brand has been built.

Protec System – Internal Outlet Detail

Polyroof’s Protec System is quite simply the quickest flat roofing system on the market when it comes to detailing work. This video shows an internal outlet detail being completed in 1min 20 seconds.

Protec System Video

This video shows an application to an existing failed single-ply roof, highlighting the speed of a Protec system application and its ability to create fully seamless details.

Protec Warm Roof Installation Video

The best solutions are often the most simple. With the Protec Warm Roof System there’s no mechanical fixings, no carrier membranes and no over-board decks required. By doing away with surplus components the height, weight, installation times and costs are all kept to an absolute minimum. The system is available in standard, balcony and cut-to-falls versions and is suitable for all thermal performance and design requirements.

185 Installation Video

This video, produced in conjunction with the LRWA, demonstrates an installation of Polyroof’s 185 System.